RZ Bekasi rengginang yatiBEKASI. Yati lives in Kampung Harapan Baru, Cikarang Kota, Bekasi. Several years ago she started to run a woven business when she was left by her husband.

Recently, she can produce 3 to 4 kg of woven per day. However, since she did not understand business management and marketing theory, her product is not really well-known by the public. She only waited costumers to come at her home.

Considering it, RZ sent a Micro Business Officer to train her about business management and marketing. In addition, she is also supervised and counseled.

Currently, she can produce it more than 5 kg per day and she has also successfully marketed her product in other souvenir outlet. “Alhamdulillah, thanks to RZ for the guidance and support so I can keep it runs. You can find my product in “Si Mbak Laundry” outlet,” she said. ***

Newsroom/ICD Pasir Gombong

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