Sunday (25/11). Coinciding with the National Teacher’s Day, Rumah Medan foster children in  Marelan, Medan carry out the guidance and distribution of special MT Telkomsel scholarships in Lake Siombak precisely in the Paya Pasir village, Medan Marelan sub-district.

To take this place takes 15 minutes from the Paya Pasir Intersection with a distance of approximately 3 km. The gathering points of participants at the Al Hidayah Paya Pasir mosque begin at 7.30 until 13.30 WIB.

The agenda carried out there is tadabbur Lake Siombak is a remnant of Japanese colonies. This lake is the largest artificial lake in the North Medan area. The lake is used by local people as a tourist spot, fishing ponds, fish ponds, shrimp and crabs.

The cheerfulness of children can be seen from their smiles. “Thankyou Kakak mentors have brought us here. It was fun we have new experiences.” said Fadiyah, one of Rumah Zakat foster Children.


Siti Balkis / Abdullah Tsabit

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