RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ DUKUNG IMPLEMENTASI DUSUN PANGAN LESTARI WINGONCIREBON. Wingon village, Gempol subdistrict, Cirebon district is in the process to establish Dusun Pangan Lestari. The initial step to run the program has been passed by the formation of 4 Women Farmers Groups (KWT) that consist of 4 RT from 2 Hamlet namely KWT Kartini, KWT Jelita, KWT Melati and KWT Matahari.

While waiting for the bottom-up funds and approval from the central government, RZ inspiring volunteer for Village Winong perform the initial steps to organize trainings for members of KWT.

On Thursday (08/04) yesterday the four KWT representatives have attended training to make PGPR fertilizer for Boyolali districs level in BP3K Hall. Today they received seeding material. Inspiring volunteer provided facility and polybags for seeding seed.

Seeds are granted in accordance with the desired needs of citizens, namely seed peppers, eggplant, spinach, and mustard greens. The training was attended by 14 people, but it was also attended by the Winong village head, Mr. Surono, SKM who accompanied the residents.

The training is done by the practice directly sow the seeds in one of the houses that are members of KWT for become a pilot project. The training was conducted from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m trained directly from the department of agriculture Boyolali.

Residents are very happy about this activity because they get new knowledge right in terms of agriculture. Previously they only practice the knowledge gained from one generation to the course. Hopefully it is useful.

Saturday (08/13) there will be a meeting with the members of KWT the material about removing teh seed that has grown into a seeding leaves polybag, besides making PGPR fertilizer together and cleaning unused and unkempt fish ponds because in the future we will breed catfish in the ponds.

“In this event, in addition to support seed and polybags, we (inspiring Volunteers) also tried to help clean up the gardens were used for the project, and it has been planted mustard greens and spinach.
“Says Rico, RZ inspiring volunteer.


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