RELAWAN RZ AJAK ANAK-ANAK TANAM 50 BIBIT POHON PERINGATI HARI BUMIPEKANBARU. (04/22) In commemoration of Earth Day which falls on April 22, 2016. RZ Volunteers carried out action to plant 50 fruit tree in Kulim, Pekanbaru. The action was attended by 35 students of MDA Nurhayatullah, Jl. Budi Luhur RT 04 / RW 10, Kulim Pekanbaru. 50 tree seedlings were taken from the DAS Central Management Indragiri Rokan-Ministry of Forestry in SMK complex Pekanbaru. The tree seedlings are planted are durian as much as 20 seeds, 10 rambutan seeds, 10 seedlings of petai and 10 cempedak seedlings.

In the beginning of action, RZ Volunteers invite MDA students to warm up by doing exercises for a few minutes and proceed with the distribution of plant groups. One group consisted of five students. These students were very enthusiastic to execute action. This was evident when they begin to be given the opportunity to start planting. They spiritedly competed to get the tree seedlings are provided.

Before heading to this area, RZ Volunteers also take action to spread the cooked rice that their routine action. In connection with Earth Day, RZ Volunteers spreads rice packets to scavengers in the park area and assist them to pick goods that can still be sold.

“In the Earth Day we can campaign to all elements of society that protecting the environment is necessary. Because when the trees were reduced, then there will be many disasters such as landslides and droughts,” said Coordinator of Volunteers, Fajri Sabti.

Newsroom / Fajri Sabti

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