relawan-rz-bantu-korban-gempa-pangalenganPANGALENGAN. On Sunday (1106) at 6:44 pm precisely, there has been 4.2 magnitude earthquake of at a depth of 10 km in the south of pangalengan city approximately 7 km inland.

The quake resulted in vibration felt by all residents in the surrounding pangalengan II mmi about 16 seconds. “Pangalengan is located in local fault zone. These conditions cause the tiniest shake that occurs away from pangalengan will be felt strongly in pangalengan. “Said Chairman of MTB Pangalengan, Mr. Usep.

As for the damage caused by the earthquake include four homes with minor damage, two homes were severely damaged belong to residents in RT 02 RW 13 villages belonging to Mrs. Aisah Margamukti (42) 1 KK / soul and Asep Wawan (33) 1KK / soul. In addition there is minor damage, cracks in the walls of the Al-Huda Mosque and Madrasah Al-Taqwa Muttaqin located in Kp. Cibolang RT 03 RW 03.

Given that on Tuesday (08/11) Volunteer of RZ Bandung reviewing the locations affected by the earthquake at the same time delivering aid, the aid distributed in the form of a staple food given to two victims whose houses were severely damaged. The assistance is given in the form of 40 cans of Superqurban corned, 10 kg of rice, 4 kg of cooking oil, 2 kg of sugar, 8 pcs of instant noodles, and hygine kits.


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