RZ Gema Bersihati AcehBANDUNG. Up to August 2014, RZ Volunteers has successfully distributed 1.473 cleaning tools in 174 mosques over the regions through Gema Bersihati program.

This program has also accounted 1.845 houseplants to beautify the courtyard of those mosques. In addition, it has also involved 1.159 people spread in 37 cities over the country.

The volunteer has implemented this program since February, 2013. This program is initiated to make mosque as worshiping place cleaner and comfortable.

“We take action and invite people to concern about the cleanliness of mosque. Mosque is used 5 times a day for shalat but in some cases people don’t really care about its condition,” Nurmansyah, RZ Volunteer Coordinator, said.

A mosque keeper from Al-Ikhlas Mosque, Malang, said that Gema Bersihati program is a very beneficial action because it can disenchant people about the important of environmental cleanliness especially worshiping place.***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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