RELAWAN RZ SURABAYA PERINGATI HARI KEMERDEKAAN BERSAMA TPQ AL MUBAROQSURABAYA. On Sunday (08/14), RZ Surabaya Volunteers assisted by teachers of Yayasan Seribu Senyum to commemorate 71th Indonesia independence day along with elementary to junior high school and pre-school students in TPQ Al Mubarrok Jl. Tegal Keputih Bhakti, Surabaya.

The event was attended by 9 volunteers and assisted by two teachers from Yayasan Seribu Senyum. As for the participants of 25 children, they were divided into 4 groups and played 6 games, namely:
1. Insert a pen into bottles in relay for 4 times
2. Insert the needle thread in relay for 5 times
3. Marbles relay race (6 times)
4. Relay sack race (6 times)
5. Eat crackers relay
6. Quiz

The race was simple but very festive and fun. Not only children are entertained parents and local residents also amused to look on the faces of participants who are innocent and adorable while following the race, especially when the participants saw the expression of humorous preschool children.

The results of each match in accumulated into one and top results are the group with the highest score. Here is the champion:
1. 1st Winner: group I (point 18)
2. 2nd Winner: group IV (point 17)
3. 3rd Winner: Group III (16 points)
4. 4th Winner: groups II (point 10)

The race took place with full of joy not to mention the yells of encouragement from the volunteers.
“Hopefully with these activities we are all capable to commemorate the heroine action of the hero. May we all will always compact, of course, to achieve the common good. “Said Andre, Volunteer Coordinator of RZ Surabaya.

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