reward-senyum-juara-tingkatkan-semangat-siswaCILEGON.1st grade Students of SD Juara Cilegon get smile reward the results of the collection of smile point for a month. In November, on Wednesday (11/30), homeroom teacher provided sports uniforms as reward for students who already managed to raise 70 smile points as targeted before.

The award is an effort that aims to motivate students to be more diligent again in prayer and study, also in learning and in doing good. For students who have accumulated the most points smile, will get an additional reward from homeroom teacher which is usually in the form of stationery or other objects.

“Alhamdulillah in this month there are quite a lot of students who managed to reach the target in the gathering smile point so that they can get a sports uniform. Hopefully this effort can continue to motivate students and give spirit in learning Quran, and in praying 5 times a day. ” Siti Nurasiah 1st grade homeroom teacher.


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