A change in life is a price we cannot bargain with. If there is life, of course, there is death, the light of the day will be replaced by the darkness of the night, there are times when we are in the position we want but sometimes we have to be ready to be in conditions that we do not expect.

This is the authority and prerogative of Allah SWT as a regulator of the course of human life on this earth because no one can deny it. As alluded to in His Word, “You (Allah) put night into the day and You put the day into the night. And you remove the living from the dead, and you remove the dead from the living … ” (QS Ali-Imran [3]: 27).

Furthermore, Allah SWT states, “And the time (glory and destruction) is, we rotate among people (so that they learn) and that Allah distinguishes believers (from unbelievers) [Ali-Imran 3: 140]. This verse implies that we must be smart in assessing every change which are essentially already in His scenario.

Many people are not aware of the meaning of a change in life. Often we rebel when the change is not what we expected. In fact, ibroh (lesson) behind it all is as a test for us to as extent of our faith in Allah as alluded to in the following verse. “Do people think they will be left alone by just saying ‘we have believed’, while they are not tested?” (Al-Ankabut 29: 2).

The tests are not only given to some people or groups of people but include all humans and Muslims in particular. ” And truly, We have tested those before them, so Allah must know those who are righteous and certainly know those who are lying.” (QS Al-Ankabut [29]: 3).

Nothing is eternal in this world, besides the change itself. So, trust and sincerity are the main things that must be held by every individual. Put your trust in Allah, then do everything seriously, and be sincere about what will come and go because this world is just a ‘transit’.


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