CIREBON. “My dad suffered gastric pains and stroke until paralyzed and eventually passed away in 2016. While my mom also passed away when giving birth to my seventh sibling. She passed away with her baby during childbirth in May 2017, ” said Miki when visited at his house on Friday (01/09).

Miki (16), Diki (16), Stifani (15), Nisa (11), Ipan (7), and Rendi (5) came from Pilangsari Village Pilang Tonggoh block, Kedawung District, Cirebon. They were left behind by both parent, the orphaned siblings had to settle in a tenement house measuring only 5 square meters above the bank of a dike river.

Unlike other children of their age who can play and laugh happily, these six brothers can only clean the tombs of their parents when the feast comes. They do that to release the longing for their dead parents. Though he never expected the mercy of others, Miki and Diki hoped they able to live with their two siblings. But still, they live their life patiently. They had lived six years in this house around May 2017.

Seeing these conditions, Rumah Zakat provided assistance to alleviate the daily needs of Miki and her siblings with 50 packets of Superqurban corned beef. In addition to corned beef Superqurban Rumah Zakat also provided basic foods such as rice, cooking oil, eggs, sugar and UHT milk.

“Hopefully this assistance will be useful, especially for Rendi and Ipan who still really need the affection of both parents.” Said facilitator of Rumah Zakat.


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