YOGYAKARTA. (10/03). Rumah Zakat again distributes business assistance to members of ITMI business community (Indonesia Blind Muslim Association). The event of business capital assistance that started from 15.30 – 17.30 WIB was filled with motivation and business sharing material, followed by handover of assistance by Rumah Zakat facilitator.

ITMI business group has 32 members and is regularly get mentoring from Rumah Zakat at least once per month. The ITMI business group has a pre-cooperative that provides raw materials for the members of the ITMI business group. Basic business needs such as herbal drinks, massage oil, honey, rice, oil, and are available in this pre-cooperative.

“Members of the ITMI business community are the majority of their business, to develop their business, they are introduced with technology and giving materials about excellent service,” said Yudiyanto, Rumah Zakat Facilitator

Yudiyanto added that through technology Now they can use some applications such as Whatsap. there is a special application Whatsap for the visually impaired. They are also able to use on-line transportation services. For more services, they provide herbal drinks to consumers such as wedang uwuh, ginger drink, etc. The herbal raw materials have been supplied by food stalls owned by the ITMI business group.

“Hopefully with the endeavor continuously and accompanied by prayers they can be empowered and independent,” he concluded


Warnitis / Lailatul Istikhomah

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