CILACAP. Saturday (10/3) Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Sholihah Asih with cadre held Parenting Simulation for Children & Adolescents at the residence of Mujur Village Head.

In 2018, Mujur Village becomes Empowered Village appointed by the sub-district to optimize the potential of the people, to curb the existing administration, so it is expected to become a unity to create a progressive, independent and virtuous village.

“The children are the hope of the parents, future hope of the family and even the nation, therefore it needs to be prepared in order to become a human quality, healthy, have a good moral and useful for himself, family, religion and nation” said Bu Suhaenah, resource person in this activity.

This Parenting Simulation is performed with a “Snake Ladder” Game which certainly attracts participants to this activity. The simulation begins with self-introduction according to predetermined jobdesk, followed by a game on board that contains guides almost like a ladder snake.

Simulation participants consist of Facilitator, Speaker, Secretary, Player 1, 2, 3 & 4 and a number of spectators.There are 4 large buttons as walk pawns, material cards, sanction cards and message cards.

The game is done by giving a material card containing a problem to the child, and the participant must answer, give their opinion. Then other participants may approve, or provide a rebuttal and comment.

The game gets heated and exciting when the pawn of the player falls in the sanctions box, as it usually requests written sanctions telling to sing and dance. They all laughed freely, looking very happy, excited and entertained.

“A good parenting pattern makes children strong in personality, not easily discouraged, and responsible for life full of colorful.” said Asih concluded when closing the event.

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