JAKARTA – The synergy of kindness continues to be sought by Rumah Zakat, especially for the brothers in Palestine. This time Rumah Zakat synergizes with the Human Initiative and Dompet Dhuafa to create a school in Palestine. The form of synergy is legalized through the signing of a cooperation agreement. The consensus of this cooperation agreement is an effort to provide educational facilities for war-affected children in Ras Al Amood, Jerusalem. This synergy of Rumah Zakat and these two institutions focus on the issue of purchasing buildings and land, the cost of building renovations, purchasing furniture, providing facilities, and other operational costs to support school activities.

The cooperation agreement carried out at Kolega Antasari, Cipete, South Jakarta on Thursday (2/15) also discussed strategic efforts and cooperation in raising donations. It aims to open opportunities for cooperation with other humanitarian institutions. Not only that, the parties involved will also form a team to discuss technical management, raising donations and escorting Palestinian School Development.

Rumah Zakat itself has provided a special link for donators to be able to convey their love to the brothers in Palestine through In addition to the online channel Rumah Zakat also provides convenience for donors through 36 office networks throughout Indonesia and can also be via transfer through various bank accounts that have collaborated with Rumah Zakat.

This is the second time Rumah Zakat has built a school abroad. Prior to this, Rumah Zakat synergized with several institutions incorporated in the Indonesian Humanitarian Alliance for Myanmar (AKIM) and has also carried out construction of schools in Khone Baung, Mrak U Township, Rakhine State Myanmar in 2018. All of these actions are a commitment of Rumah Zakat as a ZISWAF institution and humanitarian philanthropy that will continue to present a smile for the good of Indonesia and the world.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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