RUMAH ZAKAT EDUKASI SISWA SD JUARA CEGAH MALARIAYOGYAKARTA. In commemorating World Malaria Day which falls on 10 April, Rumah Zakat held health education about malaria to elementary students of Juara Yogyakarta (SD Juara Yogyakarta) on Friday (04/28).

The counseling was followed by all students ranging from 1st grade to 6th grade students. They got various materials about malaria delivered by Alfian, Public Health Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta.

“The material presented was related to malaria, especially on how to prevent it, one of them by eradicating larva. It is expected that children can immediately practice the steps I gave earlier in their respective homes.” said Alfian.

In addition to providing materials, Alfian also introduced the characteristics of mosquitoes that cause malaria through the images he carries. The students were very enthusiastic to see the picture.

“The activity was very exciting. I learned a lot about female Anopheles mosquitoes that can cause malaria. After this activity, I will help the parents clean out the larvae that exist in the neighborhood around my house, ” Zidah said, six grade students of SD Juara Yogyakarta.

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