RUMAH ZAKAT GANDENG TDA INISIASI PROGRAM BEASISWA JUARA ENTREPRENEURBEKASI. Rumah Zakat collaborate with Tangan Diatas Community (TDA) launched a Mentoring Program for Young Muslim Entrepreneurs of Juara Entrepreneur Scholarship Batch 1 on Sunday (05/03). Rumah Zakat & TDA program is targeting 10 new entrepreneurs of 47 participants Batch 1 which is the equivalent of high school students with educational time for a year. “The program with the aim of scoring Strong Muslim Young Entrepreneur is scheduled to be Role Model for duplicated in national scale,” said Network Leader Manager Rumah Zakat Didi Sabir.

The inauguration was also attended by Haji Dum Bara, Board Of Director TDA Centre, on the sidelines of his speech he said “We agreed to bring 10 new young entrepreneurs from this program, to present an entrepreneur formidable need individual not only understand the world of entrepreneurship, but also pious be able to face the temptations in the entrepreneurial world” he continued because we believe Rumah Zakat eputation with the pattern of moral guidance program for later together scored a strong young entrepreneurs who clung to Islamic values “he concluded

To support the program goals, Rumah Zakat has carried out a selection process since the beginning of the year “We move to the maximum for the sake of greater input, 47 participants who passed the selection in last January,” concluded Kamal Abdi as Rumah Zakat’s Scholarship Management Officer.

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