PACITAN. The impact of heavy rain that flushed the area of Pacitan since Monday (27/11) to Tuesday (28/11/2017) caused some villages in 3 District, in District Kebonagung, District Pacitan and District Arjosari, East Java affected by floods with varying heights ranging from height half to three meters. Besides the Flood, there are also 10 landslide points that occur in Pacitan regency.

Rumah Zakat held Action Flood Disaster Response, Wednesday (29/11/2017). A total of 17 volunteers of Rumah Zakat including volunteers from UB’s Voluntary Corps (KSR UB) and the Empowered Village Facilitator of Pringku Pacitan Village were deployed to help evacuate and distribute aid to the flood victims.

“Rumah Zakat volunteers from Kediri and KSR from Malang are already in the location to help the flood victims, such as logistics and some personnel are also on the way to the location of the flood,” said Elwien, Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Kediri.

A total of 752 Families were displaced in refugee camps scattered at several points. Among them in 7 points of refuge recorded until Wednesday afternoon (29/11). The number of victim information due to floods obtained by Team Volunteers to date recorded as many as 3 people died and 2 people lost. 5 The victim died and 4 people lost due to the sneak.

Action that has been done Volunteer Team Rumah Zakat until Thursday, (30/11/2017) coordinated with BPBD, conducting the Assesment field, down 2 Operational Car and Evacuation Boat 2 as many units. Volunteers will also soon establish 2 units of the public kitchen in two evacuation locations.

“For the urgent needs for residents in the current is dry clothes for adults and babies, logistics needs such as rice, vegetables, side dishes. Also the water pump and cleaning machine, “said Zainal, Field Coordinator of Rumah Zakat for Flood and Pacitan Action.

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