SERANG. Rumah Zakat distributed clean water aid in drought areas. This time the distribution took place in 2 drought-affected areas in Serang, Banten on (02/09) to (03/09). These two areas are Wadas Kubang, Sindangsari village, Petir district and Laban village, Tirtayasa district, Serang district.

On the first distribution, two volunteers distributed clean water in Wadas Kubang village with a water debit of 10,000 L for 2 RTs from 4 RTs affected by drought. While in the second distribution, three volunteers distributed clean water in the village of Laban with a total water discharge of 24,000 L for a drought affected village of 10 RT.

“The clean water aid is due to drought that often happens in these areas. There is no rain for days because of long dry season, and these areas are faraway from the water spring,” said volunteers of Rumah Zakat.

When the drought occurs, people only rely on dirty river water to provide their washing, bathing, cooking needs. Currently, they can only hope that the rain will come soon and hope the help from the government come soon, especially Jet Pump & Torent (container) assistance as a public facility to anticipate the drought.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr. Agus (29yo) said, “I am a citizen of Wadas Kubang village want to lots of thanks to Rumah Zakat that has provided clean water assistance. Hopefully Rumah Zakat can be consistent in doing social activities especially in helping the less fortunate society”.

“I would like to thank you Rumah Zakat, the clean water given is very beneficial for our citizens to survive. Hopefully Allah will repay the good of all components of Rumah Zakat, Aamiin.” Said Alam (39yo), beneficiaries of Laban Tirtayasa village.


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