PACITAN. The malnutrition rate of toddlers of Bandar Village, Pacitan Regency is still very high. This became the background of the idea of nutritious garden by Eny Purwanti as the helpless village facilitator built Rumah Zakat. By empowering Posyandu cadres, nutritional gardens will be held in 7 hamlets of Bandar Village.

There are two commodities that will be developed in the nutrition gardens of Bandar Village, namely papaya california and moringa. Nutrition garden program has been started since December last year with papaya seed breeding california seeds and moringa.

Eny convey the reason to choose papaya and moringa plants to be cultivated in the nutrition garden that he managed with the citizens. “Papaya california from the research of superior seeds Bogor Agricultural Institute, contains nutrients and vitamins are good for the body. Also has a relatively short harvest time, about 6 months and a fairly high selling value in the market when used to improve the economy of citizens, “he said.

Meanwhile, continued Eny. “Moringa plants are selected given their high nutritional content, such as potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, and amino acids are easily absorbed by the body. How to plant moringa is easy enough, can be through the seeds, as well as stem cuttings such as planting cassava, “he explained, when Nutrition garden development (12/01/2018) took place.

Two commodities developed in Nutrition Garden are expected to fulfill the nutritional adequacy of the family in Bandar Village. When production is abundant, the two commodities can be sold and supplement income.


Newsroom / Yadi Mulyadi

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