JAKARTA. (26/04) In an effort to raise awareness of the motorcycle taxi drivers both online and conventional of their health, Rumah Zakat, Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF), and Volunteers of Rumah Zakat held a health check up action. The event that was held at the Ruko area of ​​Rawabuaya Station, Jakarta also draw the attention of the surrounding community to follow it. Not fewer than 80 people participated in the event for about three hours.

The event starts from weight measurement (BB) and pressure blood, checking blood glucose levels (GDS), uric acid, and cholesterol and then free medication. All activities are done in the event was aimed to give knowledge of the community, especially the motorcycle taxi drivers about their health condition in terms of the ideal value of pressure blood and metabolic body.

“At first we were confused what the event mbak. It is turned out to check health, immediately check my health, while not pay. For our motorcycle taxi drivers, this is quite a help mbak. We don’t need too queued, quick and easy anyway. We usually check our health when we get sick,” said Salimin, one of the online motorcycle taxi drivers who stopped at the event.

The health check Events medical examination of this ojek driver also accompanied by simple counseling about diet and  good daily activities. Much misconception about diet and fear of one of the diseases caused by excessive karbo intake no wonder make them reduce carbo intake. Many are also openly admitted to multiply their diet to maintain their stamina. With the event was expected society does not only receive information from one side but accurate information about adherence to maintaining diet and daily activities.

“Salute for Rumah Zakat. Not just sharing with residents in the village or remote, but care also to the online drivers. Those who may often miss our attention, hopefully this event can be held frequently. Insha Allah it is very useful for them. Barakallah “, said Kak Aul, Pharmacist  as well as volunteers who participated in the event.

“For motorcycle taxi drivers pick up the fortune is a mandatory. But, there is no less important, that is health. Because, with excellent health, Insha Allah the passengers will feel safe and comfortable “, Said Aul responded to the number of ojek drivers admitting less care about his diet.

All volunteers said they hoped to hold the event like this on a regular basis because health is the base of all human activity. And concern from all sides is expected to help the public to get health services more equitably.


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