GROBOGAN (30/9) “One of the objectives of Empowered Village of Rumah Zakat is to foster economic power by providing assistance to MSMEs in villages throughout Indonesia. “So said Budi Hidayat, Rumah Zakat Facilitator.

In Tegowanu Kulon Village, Rumah Zakat provides capital assistance to 2 UMKNs in order to increase their production so that they can increase their turnover.

As a Beneficiary, Ibu Rumanah, who produces sand crackers and Ibu Heni, who has a canteen, said that they were very happy and touched to get capital assistance from Rumah Zakat. They expressed their gratitude and hoped that this assistance could expedite the production of their businesses.

“The empowered village program is targeted at improving the condition of the community in one region and improving the mental and spiritual community, with ongoing assistance,” Budi said.

The village head of Tegowanu Kulon, Dwi Ninggih strongly supported the Rumah Zakat program. When met at the Village Hall, the village chief expressed her gratitude to Facilitator who help the Village Government advance the welfare of the local community.



Dani SH / Lailatul Istikhomah

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