The distribution of Rumah Zakat Ramadhan Berdaya programs in 2018 has flowed into 1,183 Berdaya villages in Indonesia.

“The distribution of Ramadan in Rumah Zakat has given happiness to 168,252 beneficiaries in 1,183 Berdaya villages from Aceh to Papua,” said Murni Alit Baginda, Chief Program Officer of Zakat House, Thursday (28/6).

“Of the total beneficiaries are 138,113 Beneficiaries of Ifthar, 138,113 Beneficiaries of Family Eid Gifts, 1,041 beneficiaries of Empowered Widow, 8,850 beneficiaries of Syiar Quran, 14,239 beneficiaries of Eid Gift for Orphans Gift and 77 beneficiaries of Free Debt Ramadhan,” added Murni .

After Ramadan Berdaya, Rumah Zakat immediately set up a Superqurban program for Eid al-Adha. The specific objective is the optimization of processed qurban meat into food reserves of animal protein for Empowered Village in 34 provinces.

“The moment of Eid al-Adha can be a good time for Muslims to provide a source of animal protein, so it can be utilized longer and sustainable,” said Irvan Nugraha, Marketing Director of Rumah Zakat.

Superqurban is an innovation of animal distribution qurban Rumah Zakat in the form of meat in long-lasting cans so that its utilization reaches location in and abroad, disaster area and conflict.

Sustainable Energy is an effort to provide energy for the fulfillment of current needs with attention to the needs in the future. The Eid al-Adha moment can be a good time for Muslims to provide a source of animal protein, so it can be used longer and sustainable.

Through Superqurban, the community can participate in the program of providing Sustainable Energy for Indonesia and the world. Your Qurban will be channeled to the community of Empowered Village in 34 provinces in Indonesia, as a food supply of animal protein for the villagers. With a balanced nutrition, villagers will have the energy to be more productive, advanced, and empowered.

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