KERA ISLAND – NTT. Wednesday (06/09), The superqurban expedition at this time is being distributed on the Kera Island. Beautiful island decorated with white sand and beautiful sea views although remote. The island is administratively residential less clear, some have no identity.

This Kera Island, occupied by 300 people, consisting of small children to the elderly. Kera Island belongs to the Bajo tribe, this small Island has existed since Dutch colonialism.

The island is arid and no plants or fruit grow, the daily work of the men on this island are the fisherman and wife as a housewife.

There is no electricity and no fresh water, even to buy water they have to take the 1-hour drive to Kupang City. Even formal education does not exist.

Only Eid they can eat meat.  When the superqurban expedition team arrived they are happy to accept the meat in the corned can.

“Thank you, Rumah Zakat for the superqurban corned help. we rarely eat the meat.  every day we only eat fish anyway” said Mr. Setelan Sindang as head RT of Kera island.

In addition to distributing superqurban corned beef, Rumah Zakat also distributed mineral water, milk, and snacks for residents on the Kera Island.

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