1705 RUMAH ZAKAT SIAPKAN RATUSAN RIBU PAKET RAMADHAN UNTUK 1080REPUBLIKA.CO.ID JAKARTA —  As many as 160.624 packages will be distributed by Rumah Zakat during Holy month of Ramadhan 1438 H. Through the Senyum Ramadhan program, the packages will be distributed for empowered village Rumah Zakat Aceh till Papua.

Rumah Zakat’s CEO, Nur Effendi said, 1.080 empowered villages where located in 36 Regencies/Cities. The part of the Senyum Ramadhan Program is Ifthar Packages, Eid Gift for Orphan, Family Eid Gift and Syiar Quran.

“We are willing to empower the community in 1.080 empowered villages in 2017, based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals),” said Nur, Tuesday (16/05). He also stated that the Holy Month of Ramadhan is very special month to help the community who need more basic needs. Because usually the basic needs price rising during the Ramadhan.

Nur reminded, Rumah Zakat will enter the age of 19 years per July, and has undergone three processes of change. From traditional to professional in 2006, rebranding in 2010, until this year from professional to intreprenuer ececution.

“So, My friends can no longer think about themselves, should always think about the other people,” said Nur.


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