MEDAN. Bangun Bahari Foundation which supported the Floating Library program in Belawan I Village, Nelayan village, Medan Belawan district received assistance from Rumah Zakat. The assistances were some equipment such as Laptop, in focus, printer, speakers, ATK and operational Floating Library Boat.

This assistance is highly appreciated by the Board of Floating Library. “Thank you for Rumah Zakat, because we have been plagued with funds, with the help of the Rumah Zakat, our activities become more controlled.” said Sutria, volunteer of Floating Library. He is mentor or teacher in the Floating Library on Monday (06/07).

Ali Muis as the Chairman of Bangun Bahari Foundation also expressed their gratitude for the help from the donors of Rumah Zakat. “I would like to say thank you and hope that this operational assistance is beneficial for the community of Kampung Nelayan especially children who study in the Floating Library,” he said with pleasure.

“This is a form of our commitment to education. As we know, floating library is the most beautiful gift for the people of Nelayan village, Belawan. For the past few years has been a social movement that is able to inspire the spirit of learning and literacy for the children of Fishermen, whereas the children in the fishing village are quite far from the science of education.”said Araska, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Medan as the PIC of this assistance program.

“The assistance provided by Rumah Zakat will continue for the next 6 months.” said Araska.


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