MAGELANG. Facilitator Rumah Zakat support the implementation of Posyandu Cempaka 1 by channeling additional feeding in Sikepan Hamlet, Magelang. Posyandu serves 31 children and the elderly from the morning until noon. Tuesday (09/01/2018).

Supplemental Feeding (PMT) includes jenang baning, boiled duck eggs and citrus fruits. Type of food is selected because it contains good nutrition for toddlers and also elderly. The food is also favored by children. “We hope that this feeding can improve the nutrition of toddlers and the elderly. In addition, as a motivation to always be present in the implementation of posyandu, “said Martini facilitator of Rumah Zakat.

Health screening for the elderly at Posyandu cempaka includes health checks, weight, height, and medication. “Elderly health needs to be noticed, sometimes people ignore their health because age is not productive anymore. However, the right to a healthy life needs to be owned by anyone in all ages. ” Martini reveals.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat already provide assistance in Posyandu Cempaka 1. Help very useful and support posyandu program,” said the mother of Sri Marinah, the head of the village of Sikepan.


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