RZ AJAK MASYARAKAT CIREBON BERBAGI BERKAH RAMADHANCIREBON. RZ invites Cirebon citizens for sharing favorable things during the Ramadhan to the needy. Lisaidah, Cirebon RZ Branch Manager, said that RZ has several special programs in Ramadhan such as Berbagi Buka Puasa (BBP) and Kado Lebaran Yatim (KLY).

She claimed that those programs are provided in the different package. The donors are free to choose one of the special programs of all of them.
“Berbagi Buka Puasa package will be distributed into the needy in Cirebon,” Lisaidah said, (11/7).

Lisaidah also said that KLY is consisted of two types of package. The first package is consisted of eid wear, stationery, and eid special food. Whereas, the second package is consisted of food box, stationery, and school bag.

“Other special programs in Ramadhan are also able to be accessed in Cirebon RZ Branch Office located in the front of Kejaksan Train Station, Cirebon,” she said.***

Courtesy: www.bisnis.jabar.com

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