RZ BANDUNG BERIKAN MOTIVASI BISNIS DAN ROHANI UNTUK PENERIMA MANFAAT PT. PLN DJB BANDUNG. In empowering the economic aspects of society,RZ in collaboration with Mandiri Daya Insani (MDI) actively provides guidance also business assistance for those in need. In addition, the provision of business and spiritual mentoring to the beneficiaries did not escape the attention of RZ.
As well as RZ Bandung branch who gave business and spiritual motivation for PM PT. PLN DJB on Friday (04/15) in RZ Bandung’s Mosque, Jl. Turangga No. 33. As for the urgency of the motivation is to evaluate the daily worship and the results of running a business, it is important to be conducted and acknowledged by the beneficiary because of the real sustenance that we received is proportional to how much of our worship is.

The event started at 13:30 until 14:45 pm by presenting Mr. Warjita as the speaker from MDI, Mr. Warjita delivered the material about Sya’ban RA, the prophet’s companion. In that occasion, there are 5 beneficiaries who were very enthusiastic to join the activity. There was also RZ facilitator, Mr. Sam Adi Hasanuddin who attend the activity.

“By conducting this activity, hopefully beneficiaries can perform worship better to Allah SWT and also their spirit of entrepreneurship can improve” said Warjita , the Project Leader.

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