RZ BANTU KORBAN BENCANA ROB DI CIKEUSIK RZ deployed a team and volunteers in action of disaster relief for rob victim in Cikeusik sub-district, Pandeglang on Saturday (06/11) night.

Rob disaster that destroyed about 31 homes, it’s been happening since the previous week and the peak occurred at approximately 09:00 pm on Thursday (06/09). There are two areas that were affected by severe damage namely Kampung Muara in RT 05 as many as 12 homes and RT 01 as many as 19 homes. Residents whose homes were destroyed even disappear brought waves had to be evacuated to temporary shelters behind Cikeusik police office.

“RZ Cilegon on Saturday (06/11) night has sent a team of health services by bringing two doctors, volunteers, and food,” said Branch Manager of RZ Cilegon Ali Nurhasan in a press release through Local1News on Sunday (6/12).

After getting the information, the information directly spread to some donators. “I immediately contact the partners to participate in raising funds for the victims of the rob, and their response was very good Alhamdulillah,” said Ali.

While Ato Martani (45), one of the residents, expressing his gratitude to RZ who has come and provide assistance. “Thank you for visiting and provide assistance” he said.

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Source: http://local1news.com/bantuan-rz-untuk-korban-bencana-rob-di-cikeusik/

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