rz-bantu-pembangunan-infrastruktur-aceh-pasca-gempaREPUBLIKA.CO.ID,‎ JAKARTA — Entering the 21st day after the earthquake that occurred in Aceh, RZ volunteers still continue to take action in Pidie Jaya. This district is the region most severely affected by the earthquake.

“Upon completion of the emergency response phase on December 21, 2016, we started to focus on helping the recovery process (recovery) here,” said the coordinator of the Action, Izzatul Yazid, Friday (12/30).

Currently, RZ is preparing rebuilding of Darul Ehsan mosque in Gampong Deuyah Teumanah, Pidie Jaya which is the result of synergy with the Provincial Government of West Java, Bank BJB and Baznas of West Java Province. Previously, Darul Ihsan mosque is indeed being the development process and is already 75 percent.

However, the earthquake that occurred three weeks ago has made the mosque to the ground. In fact, the cost of construction of this mosque is the result of a joint venture of Deuyah Teumanah residents, in which every resident of saving 1,000 every day, that’s why we help to rebuild it “said Yazid.

In addition to the construction of the mosque, RZ will also help the establishment of Local Emergency School in 2 locations, construct sanitation facilities in the form of water filtration in Masjid Mosque Baiturrahman Gampong Peudeuk as well as renovate its toilets. For emergency school, RZ will build two classrooms at SDN Peudeuk Tunong and SDN 1 Trienggading. Emergency school was established for these two schools were destroyed and requires a long time to rebuild it completely.

From 7 to 28 December 2016 RZ has mobilized 83 volunteers who served in the evacuation process, distribution logistics, operations and medical care to the action of earthquake disaster in Aceh. Not only that, RZ also brought 3 ambulance and 1 mobile clinic car, setting up four public kitchens for providing 66ribu servings of food, the post of health services that successfully served 1,754 residents, post fresh served 1,600 volunteers and officers, school smile followed 400 children, trauma healing services to 165 children and distributed 3,000 logistical support in the 4-point displacement.

“Thank you to all the donators who have synergized with RZ in care for disaster in Aceh during the emergency response. Hopefully we can continue to work together to help the recovery process in Aceh, particularly in the districts of Pidie Jaya, “said RZ’s CEO, Nur Efendi.

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