rz-bekasi-launching-pra-koperasi-senyum-mandiriCIKARANG. RZ Bekasi come back with its innovation by launching Pre Cooperative Senyum Mandiri to the beneficiaries who receive benefits from RZ entrepreneurial assistance, in Karangasih village, North Cikarang, Bekasi on Monday (10/25).

Pre Cooperative Senyum Mandiri reserved for beneficiaries who get entrepreneurial assistance from RZ, in order to become self-sufficient in the future when RZ is no longer accompany.

” Pre Cooperative Senyum Mandiri is simpler and not complicated, it is assisted in obtaining venture capital between members of the pre-cooperative and this will continue to be assisted till they can be independent, there will be an evaluation by three months in order to avoid things that are not desirable so that the members are comfortable and can get many benefit, “said Coordinator of RZ Empowerment, Hafid Faidilah.

Hafid added, there are 33 beneficiaries were trained by RZ in North Cikarang but for the moment only 17 beneficiaries join as members of the Pre Pre Cooperative Senyum Mandiriwho live in Karangasih, the rest will join, the program is set up so that the business smoothly and increase turnover with higher production.

“There are 33 beneficiaries, now 17 beneficiaries registered as member, the rest will soon register in order to improve the business of RZ beneficiaries ” he concluded.

Source: http://publikjurnalistik.org/rz-bekasi-lauching-pra-koperasi-senyum-mandiri-di-cikarang/

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