RZ BERBAGI KEBAHAGIAN BERSAMA WARGA PANTI ASUHAN IBU BUTETMEDAN. Volunteers of RZ Medan share the happiness together with the children in Bu Butet Orphanage at Jl. Cinta Karya Sari Rejo subdistrict Medan district Polonia with a variety of races including a tug of war contest, open locks, relay ball and sack race. The activities were greeted enthusiastically by the children of the orphanage especially elementary school children.

“The activities that we held on Saturday (08/20) are our effort in sharing happiness in order to enliven 71st Independence Day of Republic Indonesia” Explained Sugi, Volunteer coordinator of RZ Medan.

“The children of this orphanage mostly come from underprivileged. Besides holding races for the children, we also seek to provide an understanding of the disaster and also share knowledge about splinting and stretcher to mosque youth around the area “Added Sugi.

“Alhamdulillah, it went well, hopefully through activities and celebration of independence day together with foster children in the orphanage, it can foster their spirit and increase patriotism in them, where we realize day by day nationalism is continuously declining in younger generation. “Revealed Ridho Prawira as Chairman of the Committee.

“May we, the young generation rise Indonesia in its golden heyday, remembers an advanced nation it is a nation that remembers its heroes struggle” Closed Ridho.


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