RZ BERHASIL SALURKAN 5.754 PAKET KADO LEBARAN YATIMBANDUNG. Up to the 27th day of Ramadhan, RZ has successfully distributed 107.737 packages of Berbagi Senyum Ramadhan. Senyum Ramadhan packages that were distributed are consisted of 96.930 packages of Berbagi Buka Puasa, 5.794 packages of Kado Lebaran Yatim, 2.475 packages of Bingkisan lebaran Keluarga and 2.538 packages of Syiar Quran.

Those packages had been distributed in 53 regions in Indonesia. The target beneficiaries are RZ members, general people, mosque community, Sekolah Juara students, and college students.

RZ invites all people to participate in Senyum Ramadhan program up to the last day of Ramadhan and the donation for the program keeps increasing from day to day. “Alhamdulillah, we have distributed the donors’ donation for orphans well. In order to make it more perfect, we will distribute it till the end of Ramadhan,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said.

Berbagi Senyum Ramadhan is an RZ Ramadhan 1435 H program consisted of four sub-programs namely, Kado Lebaran Yatim (KLY), Berbagi Buka Puasa (BPP), Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga (BLK), and Syiar Quran. “Before receiving Berbagi Senyum Ramadhan package, we will asses each beneficiary and his/ her family condition,” Efendi said.

With a consistency and a string commitment, RZ attempts to present smile among Indonesian people in Ramadhan.***

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