rz-buka-layanan-pijat-gratis-untuk-relawan-banjir-garutREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GARUT – RZ opened Fresh Post to serve complimentary massage for volunteers and the army in the area around the evacuation of flood victims in Garut. Additionally RZ also provides a fresh drink or warm to the volunteers and military personnel who served at the area.
Fresh post is intentionally made to provide services to the volunteers and the army. “Because there should be an attention for volunteers as well, to keep them healthy and fit for duty,” said Volunteer Coordinator, Herlan Wilandariansyah, Garut, Wednesday (28/9).

Free massage, said Herlan, started yesterday (9/27), and has served 20 volunteers and armies by fielded five volunteers who have expertise massaging.

Not only Fresh post, RZ also opened Public Kitchen. RZ Public Kitchen ordinary produce 1,000 packets of rice for one time meal and was already producing 15,000 packets in five days.

During these five days, RZ distributed 1,500 Superqurban corned, a crate of oranges, 1,500 family packages in the form of hygiene kits, , food, diapers, sanitary napkins, and household appliances. RZ also sent 20 volunteers to take action to clean up and help searching for the missing.

Based on data from BPBDs Garut, until today (9/28) there is already recorded as many as 34 people died, 35 people were injured, 19 people were listed as missing, 1,326 people were displaced, and 2,511 houses were damaged by the flood that occurred on Tuesday (9/20) last week.

Source: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/16/09/28/oe7lq1301-rumah-zakat-buka-layanan-pijat-gratis-untuk-relawan-banjir-garut

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