RZ CABANG JAYAPURA BAGIKAN KORNET SUPERQURBAN DI PONPES AL PAYAGE, JAYAPURAJAYAPURA On Thursday (08/11) RZ Jayapura branch channel 50 cans of SuperQurban corned in Al Payage boarding school. Al Payage boarding school is one of the boarding school is located at Jl. Angkasa Pasir Dua, Angkasapura district, RT 005/ RW 002, Jayapura Utara.

Pesantren are established by an ustadz, Saiful Islam Al Payage, a famous papuans preacher and a graduate from DAI preaching contest in one of the private TV station in 2005.

Channeling is done directly by the Branch Manager of RZ Jayapura, Wahyudi A. Tarumadoya.

The mission of this distribution is to connect the friendship and share a smile together with students and administrators of Al Payage boarding school. But unfortunately at the time of such distribution did not meet the founder the boarding school, “Mr. Kiai currently is out of town on business for Islamic preaching mission after attended the closing MTQ in NTB yesterday.” Ali said one of the students at the school.

“Thanks to donators who have entrusted and distribute Qurban 1436 H (2015) through RZ, this year RZ Branch Jayapura targets to collect 98 cows and 152 goats from donors SuperQurban and will be distributed throughout the country, and especially in Papua . ” said Wahyudi.

“Hope we hopefully can continue to connect the friendship with the people of Papua through the development of community nutrition by chanelling SuperQurban corned share this” He concluded.


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