RZ DAN DUTA QURAN ASAH POTENSI ANAK DENGAN SKILL HANDMADEKENDARI. Monday. (2/13). Every child is born with different potentials, children’s advantages is a potential that must be developed and honed. Whatever is done or made with exceptional skill, best performance, the highest achievement. The growth and development of each child is different, it all can be influenced by heredity and environmental factors.


Seeing this potential, RZ and Quran Ambassador of Rumah Zakat Indonesia on Sunday (12/2) provided mentoring with unusual material. Kendari Children were invited to create handmade works from processed paper, and then Quran ambassador asks children to draw the animals and paint it with watercolors and canvas. It aims to train fine motor and gross motor skill of children, in order to develop their potential.

“Children are very enthusiastic in the learning process of drawing and coloring. This is evident from the various animals some of them draw reptiles to animals living in the air “said Ustad Toto, Kendari Quran Ambassador

This coaching continues every week, but the material about skills delivered once a month. The plan materials will be delivered in the next month about the processing of recycled paper.

Ustad Toto also hope the material on hand made, many children can develop their work through their hands.


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