rz-dorong-ekonomi-masyarakat-dengan-beternakREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG. Non-governmental institutions, RZ to encourage community economic of Cisaat Village, Ciater District, Subang regency, West Java, with a breeding program ‘Gaduh domba’ (Got a lamb) which has been established since 2013.


“Rumah Zakat rolled Gaduh Domba program to boost the economy of Cisaat residents ” said RZ Inspiring Volunteer Subang, Nana Hidayat, through a press release in Bandung on Monday. This program has been initiated since the beginning of 2013, with the number of members of 15 people and then increased to 30 people.


Every citizen, he said, given the five male and one female sheep rams to breed. “Now the residents have been able to get multiple benefits from the sheep they raise,” he said.


Nana says people who get the breeding program are farmers and ranchers in the village Cisaat. Previously, he said, residents in the village only breeding makeshift results are not growing for the welfare of the farmer.


According to Nana, who initiated the program will continue to show good growth, see the character of local residents who majority are farmers and ranchers so that he does not find difficulty in assisting them.


A beneficiary of this program, Sudirman, said that now he maintains 15 sheeps, has previously managed to sell 10 sheeps. “Alhamdulillah, I am helped by Gaduh domba program, in addition to the target sacrifice, I also want to buy a motorcycle from the sheep,” said Sudirman.

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