RZ GELAR PESANTREN JUARA BERSAMA 1000 ANAK JUARAJAKARTA. Spent Ramadan with positive activity, RZ carried out Pesantren Juara with 1000 RZ’s foster children ‘Anak Juara’ which are scattered in various parts of Jakarta on Saturday (06/18), at the Museum Bayt Qur’an, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Jakarta.

“This activity aims to Anak Juara in various regions as well as the other children could fill the school holidays as well as fill Ramadan with positive activities.” Said Irvan Nugraha as Area Networking Division Head

The event which lasted for one day is filled with various competitions ranging from elementary to high school level. Performing arts entertainment from national nasyid team Gradient, Sincere Voice, Islamic fairy tale and ends with iftar with 1000 anak Juara and submission of Eid Gift for orphans (KLY) and also the Eid Gift for the needy (BLK).

“So this event is not only filling the holiday but also the kids can be happy because in this activity they can participate in various competitions that can build a spirit of competition among them.” Said Triyas The charge of the event.

The children come from north Jakarta, west Jakarta, south Jakarta and east Jakarta. there are 10 kinds of competition namely coloring contest for elementary, Pildacil (Little Da’i), quiz for junior high school students and Speech contest for junior high school students.

The event is also supported by MTT Telkomsel, TMII, Dewan Masjid Al Haqqul Mubiin, AASI (Islamic Insurance Association of Indonesia). In that occasion, RZ also handover scholarships to 25 children from SD Juara Jakarta from PT Griya Kirana Property symbolically




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