RZ KAMPANYEKAN STOP MEROKOK DALAM RUMAHJEMBER. Dozens of Jember RZ’s volunteer and Cita Sehat Foundation team celebrated World Tobacco Free Day in Jember House of Representatives Circle on Saturday (31/5). In this action, the volunteers invite people to stop smoking in home.

“In addition to harm the smoker, smoking also harm other people especially patients, babies, children, and expectant mother,” Achmad Bukhori, Jember RZ’s management, said. He added that home is a shelter of any harmful thing including smoke of cigarette.

The were several activities implemented in the action such as oration, exposition of anti-smoking banners, and the distribution of stop smoking in home stickers and flyers. Previously, RZ Jember had implemented health counseling in Sidomukti, Mayang, on May 24, 2014 as an introduction.

Bukhori said that tobacco of cigarette has killed a person per second over the world. Moreover, cigarette has taken half of smoker life.

Newsroom/Achmad Bukhori

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