RZ KEMBANGKAN PENANAMAN BAWANG DI SUBANGREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SUBANG — RZ rolled a leek development program in Cisaat village, Ciater district, Subang Regency. the leek development, besides utilizing the remaining land as well as to exploit the potential in the region and also increase residents’ income.

“Planting leek is relative easy. Especially in Subang for the air is cool. So, I figured it would not be a problem to develop a program of leek planting here, “said Nana Hidayat, Inspiring Volunteer of RZ Subang, Thursday (1/19).

In the village, there are 10 beneficiaries who received aid in the form of 10 polybags of leek. As for fertilizer, they use goat manure from the resident’s farm which is also RZ’s breeding group.

Although during the rainy season, many plants are damaged and the yields reduce. But Cisaat Village residents continue to try to develop the business. As said by one of the beneficiaries, Sudirman who already benefit from planting leek.

“Alhamdulillah, the profit from planting leek can help me to increase revenue. From the sale of leek I can get a profit of 500.000 Rupiahs sometimes even reach Rp 1.5 million per harvest, “he said.


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