RZ LAKSANAKAN KEMAH JUARA UNTUK ANAK YATIM DI ACEHSABANG.On August 22 RZ Aceh implement Champion Camp (Kemjur) for orphans. Kemjur activity was held in Sabang Island in cooperation with the Regional Scout air base of Sabang air force.

The activities carried out starting from (08/18) to (08/21) followed by approximately 50 male orphans in high school level, and also there are few participants from elementary and secondary schools.

The activities include motivational activities, Scouting materials, leadership, as well as a study tour to several historic sites. This activity coupled with various games and outbound made orphans rejoice in following the activities. All the planned activities went smoothly until the end.

“Alhamdulillah the activities went smoothly and well, we are proud of RZ foster children, all activities conducted successfully,” said Kak Fiska as organizer from Scouting Interests Section Operator Kesakaan Training.

Nazwa is of the orphans who follow this event expressed, “I am delighted to participate in this event, I have never participated, I gain knowledge, the games are interesting, and I could walk also to the tourist places here” she said excitedly.

“Champion Camp is an activity that appeals to younger siblings, by learning and playing” said M. Nur Ahmadi as the Board Pusdiklatcab Nol Kilometer Kwarcab Kota Sabang. “This activity is to allow them to understand how the challenges they will face in the future, so Champion Camp participants can prepare themselves to move ahead in order to be a real champion, the world champion and the next.” He continued.

Muharraman, as the Project Coordinator of RZ Aceh Branch said, “This event is an annual event, and who followed the event was an orphan of Kafalah Yatim scholarship beneficiary which is a program in cooperation between RZ and OIC Alliance.”


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