RZ MILIKI PROGRAM PEMBERDAYAAN KHUSUS MUALAFREPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Maintaining and guiding converts has become one of the programs carried by a number of Amil Zakah institutions, donation, and alms in Indonesia. They established by creating centers of converts to be utilized as a learning tool. Accordingly, converts are expected to explore the values and Islamic law, and then put it into practice in daily life.

RZ is one Amil Zakah institutions has its special programs for the converts. According to CEO RZ, Nur Efendi, this converts special program has been initiated since 2014 ago. That time RZ established Converts Center Rumah Zakat (MCRZ) in Yogyakarta and Palu, Central Sulawesi.

The establishing of MCRZ itself is intended to deliver a learning tool for converts. He considered, RZ has been collected zakah, and some of them has been duly allocated for the benefit of converts. “If we refer to (Surah) at-Tawbah distribution (zakat), it’s one of them is part of a convert,” he told Republika on Monday (30/01).

Referring to the proposition that, Nur explained, seeks to set aside RZ collected zakah funds in order to accommodate the needs of a convert, by establishing MCRZ. He argues, that there is not lots of amil zakah institution which have concern on that field.
Nur explained, MCRZ has two main focuses on its activities, namely mentoring and coaching for convert. “Mentoring is necessary so that they (after embracing Islam) did not convert again. After they’re accompanied, then we will give them coaching,” he said.

The coaching process for the converts in MCRZ includes two main aspects. That is the spiritual aspect or creed and economic aspects. In the aspect of faith, converts in MCRZ guided to know various things about Islam. “So, we teach about (ordinances) prayer, and then the prayer is directed to the mosque, reading the Koran. In short, it’s all about faith,” explained Nur.

Meanwhile, the economic development is done to make converts become independent economically. According to Nur, not a few converts in MCRZ that were eliminated by their family after converting to Islam. “In this guidance we explore the potential (skills) they have. Or perhaps there was among those who already have a business, then we will support their business further, either capital or training efforts to make them independent,” said Nur.

Most converts decided to settle in MCRZ to follow the guidance continuously. Later, some others usually come regularly every week for getting the guidance. The existence of converts Center is quite needed by the converts. Because, based on data recorded in MCRZ, every year there is always an increasing in the number of converts. “As the last in 2016 (MCRZ convert fostered) increased by about 300 people as a whole,” he said.

Source: http://khazanah.republika.co.id/berita/dunia-islam/wakaf/17/02/06/okxikd313-rumah-zakat-miliki-program-khusus-mualaf

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