RZ PEKANBARU SALURKAN BINGKISAN LEBARAN DI POSYANDU PITUAH AMANAHPEKANBARU. Today (06/15) RZ carried out distribution of RZ’s Ramadan product which is Eid Gift for the needy (BLK), this is the 3rd phase of distribution which is conducted in IHC Pituah in gang Hikmah Jl. Kamboja RT 03 RW 01 Sukajadi sub-district, Sukajadi district, pekanbaru.

The event started at 10:00 am began with a remark from the local neighborhood, “We and the residents are very happy and would like to thank RZ for giving this gift to our residents, this is very helpful for our underprivileged residents” added the local neighborhood.

The next speech came from RZ delivered by Tri Anwarudin. Then proceed with the Eid family gift giving as many as 10 packages to the residents, who are mostly elderly and underprivileged citizens.

The elderly who had been waiting from long before the event starts looking very pleased and happy with the gift given them. They waited for their turn with happy faces.

” Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful because RZ willing to provide assistance for us, something like this is very rare we get, it really help us, thanks RZ and donators” said Darlian or familiarly called mak dolek by local people.

This activity was completed at 11:00 which was closed by Zulvera as chairman of IHC Pituah Amanah.

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