rz-raih-status-konsultatif-dari-ecosoc-pbbBANDUNG. RZ obtained consultative status from ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) in July 2016 ago. ECOSOC is one agency in the United Nations (UN) agencies that facilitate non-government to take a role in formal UN deliberations.

A number of requirements that must be met for an organization to get ECOSOC consultative status are the organization which has been officially established at least 2 years, has its headquarters, has branches representatives, have a good accountability as well as their underlying resources should come from ECOSOC member countries.

“Because not all organizations can obtain ECOSOC Consultative Status, we expect to be one of the real evidence that RZ is committed to maintain the trust and professionalism as a philanthropic institution,” said Nur Efendi, RZ‘s CEO.

As one of the institutions in Indonesia which holds consultative status, giving RZ privilege to attend a conference session of ECOSOC which is between nations. “This has become one the opportunity to express views regarding various social and economic issues in international conferences. Besides this forum can also be a reference for RZ to continuously increase contribution in preventing various social and economic issues in Indonesia” said Nur Efendi.

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