RZ SALURKAN BANTUAN UNTUK BENCANA DI TEGALTEGAL. Ground moving and landslides disaster that occurred on Wednesday (08/02) resulted in approximately 48 families and 90 residents evacuated from their homes and land due to landslides, there were no casualties in this incident, but a lot of damaged on public facilities such as roads, plumbing and homes.

Mulyanto as Village Head of Dermasuci said that such disaster often happens in the village, however, disaster in Dermasuci now is classified as the most severe since the impact could be for days, and even some people who lost their homes are automatically halt.

Seeing these conditions on Monday (2/13) RZ inspiring Volunteer channeled disaster aid in Dermasuci village Pangkah district Tegal regency, Central Java. As for the assistance channeled to the action this time is sardines, Superqurban corned, soaps, herbs, medicines and sanitation equipment.

Kaspah (53), the resident of Dermasuci expressed many thanks to the aid given by RZ in the village. “As a result of this disaster many people whose condition is neglected let alone think of cleanliness of their body. Thank you so much to Rumah Zakat (RZ) who has provided assistance to Dermasuci residents Pangkah district Tegal regency, hopefully RZ and donators given a blessing and reward from Allah SWT ” She said.

Newsroom/Deni Wahyudi

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