rz-salurkan-bantuan-untuk-pengungsi-suriahJAKARTA . Civil war in Syria calls the humanity of every human being, including RZ who moved to distribute aid for Syrian refugees.


The aid distributed by RZ, among others, 500 warm clothes, 500 food packages and 500 packages of baby supplies for Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey. Coordinator of RZ Humanitarian Team in Syria, Herlan Wilandriansyah said currently warm clothes become a major requirement for refugees there.


“Warm cloth is the main needs of the refugees, because it is winter. Moreover, we observe children newly arrived refugees from Syria are not wearing warm clothes. Though the temperature here reached 2 degrees Celsius” said Herlan in the information received by SINDOnews, on Wednesday (12/28).


According to Herlan, Reyhanli Camp in Turkey was the original purpose of refugees, because it is the area directly adjacent to Syria. However, the number of new refugees, create the conditions in Reyhanli Camp not so good and they are using makeshift tents.


“Conditions in Reyhanli Camp this is not conducive in Kilis, Gaziantep Province. This is because the number of new refugees arriving so not all is well conditioned, “he said.


RZ volunteers will continue channeling up to two weeks, with the situation and conditions in the field. RZ planned will also create a long-term program for Syrian refugees, so that they can get decent and better facilities.


Source: http://ekbis.sindonews.com/read/1166545/34/rumah-zakat-salurkan-bantuan-untuk-pengungsi-suriah-1482932455

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