rz-support-pendampingan-good-manufacturing-practice-untuk-member-binaanCILEGON. RZ Cilegon held entrepreneurial mentoring to the assisted members in RZ Cilegon, on Friday afternoon (09/23). A total of 10 people from various business backgrounds attended the event. Activities organized once every week is filled with the sharing of business developments of members and mentoring Majlis Iqro BBTQ held at Nurul Iman Mosque Ramanuju.

The series of development activities as opening directly guided by Ustadzah Nia Desmalia as Mentor of Iqro BBTQ and religious material on Fiqh, Worship and spiritual and continued with entrepreneurial mentoring by RZ facilitator which was delivered motivation about business and mentoring GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Services. Mentoring activity aims to enhance learning motivation and development of the business in order to have balance ruhiyah increase in knowledge and an increase in the amount of business.

Sulasiah (36) is a Beneficiary who has salted peanuts business, explained her business to make a variety of peanuts that she do. The mother of two children said that the salted peanut then consign into several stalls, sometimes the customer come alone to her house.

Besides that, she expressed her delight in participating in this entrepreneurial mentoring activity because other than that I get motivated to promote the business and gain knowledge about the religion and Read the Qur’an.

In addition to sharing on the development of their businesses, they also get entrepreneurship material delivered by Humaedi as RZ Cilegon facilitators. “There are three basic capitals in the business in addition to the funds, namely: ideas, have relatives and trustworthy. These three basic capitals are very important in addition to capital funding” Light Humaedi steadily.
Previously, assisted members get entrepreneurial assistance and business facilities from RZ Cilegon and it has been running for over a year.


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