KADO LEBARAN YATIMBANDUNG. RZ aims to distribute 50.909 packages of KLY (Kado Lebaran Yatim or Eid Gift for Orphan) along the Ramadhan 1453 H. The package given for orphan and the needy is consisted of food box, drinking bottle, stationery, school bag, biscuit, and syrup.

This program is implemented to share smile and happiness among the needy and orphans during the celebration of Eid Fitri. KLY packages will be distributed in 32 RZ branch offices over Indonesia.

“We can complete our victory if we have shared our happiness with others. In this point, we distribute a long lasting package in order to be able to last a long time,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said.

In Ramadhan 1434, RZ had succeeded distributing 10.092 packages of KLY. “If there are many favors distributed among us, thus we can also obtain more benefits of it. This quote is planted in RZ as a spirit thus we can multiply our target more than last year,” Efendi said.

This year, RZ initiates 4 special programs that are packed in Senyum Ramadhan namely, Kado Lebaran Yatim (KLY), Berbagi Buka Puasa (BPP), Bingkisan Lebaran Keluarga (BLK), dan Syiar Quran. “We hope that these programs can bridge a Muslim who wants to help other Muslim,” Efendi added.***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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