SAMBUT WORLD TOBACCO DAY, RZ SOSIALISASI BAHAYA ROKOK TERHADAP KESEHATAN PEKANBARU. Friday (27/05) RBG-RZ Pekanbaru Primary Clinic socialized the Dangers of Smoking to Health in order to welcome “May 31st: World Tobacco Day” at SDN 13 Pekanbaru Jl. Cempaka, Karam Island village, Sukajadi district.

Meanwhile, as quoted from www.dw.com, the lives lost every six seconds, the higher the number of deaths caused by HIV / AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. WHO estimates that currently 36% or about 60 million people in Indonesia smoke regularly.

“Keep in mind that the trend of smoking increases at teens age which is in the age group of 10-14 years old and 15-19 years old. In contrast to cigarette consumption in many other countries that are predicted to decline, the number of active smokers in Indonesia is believed will rise to 90 million people in 2025. ” Fitriani Maulana said, CSF Pekanbaru.

WHO put cigarettes into the main list triggers deadly diseases such as heart and lung cancer, as well as diabetes. Every year, six million people died from tobacco. 80% of which are from low and middle-level economy.

If not accompanied by effective policies, the number of tobacco-related deaths could rise to eight million people per year by 2030. Currently, there are estimated at about one billion humans who routinely puff of tobacco smoke. WHO reveals, without more effective policy number of smokers in Indonesia in 2025 will grow to 90 million people. The government must now choose between the fate of the farmers and cigarette workers or public health.

“Therefore, socialization of the danger of Smoking to Health is conducte to educate the nation’s youth to not be part of the smoker that is slowly destroying himself.” Fitriani added.

Newsroom / Fitriany Maulana

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