BUOL, Monday (09/30/19) – Alhamdulillah currently there is 34 points water source development in 29 districts which have reached eastern Indonesia precisely in Tolau Village, Paleleh District, Buol Regency, Central Sulawesi. The long drought that has hit Indonesia has made it difficult for residents to get water.

With the help of infrastructure facilities and sources of clean water from Rumah Zakat, the villagers agreed to build it next to the At Taqwa mosque in Tolau Village.

Clean water infrastructure is provided by making bore wells as a source of water ablution for mosque facilities, and toilets for local residents. Residents expressed gratitude to donors who have donated part of their assets to endowments for water sources. Thanks to Sahabat waqf, clean water facilities are available at the mosque and can be accessed by villagers.

“Thank you, Friend, for the donation that has been deposited with us. May Allah repay his kindness in the world as much water as there is on this earth. Hopefully, this is not the only good deed in the world but will be a good deed until the hereafter. “Said one of the residents of Tolau Village.


Suri Nur / Hanaa Afifah

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