SD JUARA BATAM TEMUKAN BANYAK HIKMAH DI KELAS INSPIRASIBATAM. On Thursday (23/03) 1st grade students of SD Juara Batam was visited by Deo Singgih Arestu as the guest teacher. He inspired the students about the importance of ideals and told them also the storytelling about Beautiful friendship of a lion and a mouse.

Because he loved to teach, that encourages Kak Deo to be one of the volunteers on Inspiration Class at SD Juara Batam. He always took the time to participate to share inspiration from a school to school between his work as a Chemical Analysis Team in one of the companies in Kabil.

He had a grat hopes for SD Juara Batam, “The students here are really  active and hopefully SD Juara Batam will grow rapidly, create students with champion character. And insya Allah I will come back with my friends from Batam Inspiration Class and other communities to share more inspiration here with better preparation.” said Deo Singgih Arestu.

He also delivered storytelling about Beautiful friendship of a lion and a mouse smoothly and interestingly by using puppet named Rubi. The fairy tale gave some moral lesson to the students: to help each other, always keep positive thinking to others and to love each other between friends.

“Thanks Bang Deo for the time, you’ve been an interesting guest teacher at SD Juara Batam, a Free schools empowered by Rumah Zakat. Hopefully this visit can boost the student’s spirit and share positive energy for all of us.” Said Shofar, principal of SD Juara Batam.



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